Xenomic's Lair

All of my downloadable stuff will be featured here. Note that all of these are open-sourced, so long as you give credits! Also, I am looking for anyone willing to help on these projects! Contact is in the Read Me file at the very bottom of the page.


Capcom Vs SNK

Athena Asamiya by Warusaki3 (palette not set to character):

Athena Asamiya:

Final Fantasy

Aerith Gainsborough by The Great Matsutzu:

Fire Emblem

Tiki by UJI:

Guilty Gear

Dizzy by EL:

Dizzy by Muteki:


Kagome by VinceJ:

King of Fighters

Angel by Juke Kisaragi:


Hotaru Futaba by 119Way:

Hotaru Futaba by Juke Kisaragi:

K' by KOD:

Kula Diamond by CCIronmugen:

Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury Special) by Falchion22:

Malin by Juke Kisaragi:

Momoko by Juke Kisaragi (NEW):

Momoko by Juke Kisaragi (OLD)i:

Orochi by Orochi Herman

Yuri Sakazaki by Juke Kisaragi finished:


Mario by ShinRyoga:

Marvel vs Capcom

Blackheart by Cyanide:

Juggernaut by Splode:

Psylocke by ????:

Psylocke by Shinta:

Melty Blood

Akiha Vermillion by 9:

Arcueid Brunestud by Kuro:

Hisui by 9:

Kohaku by 9:

Len by 9:

Miyako Arima by Juke Kisaragi:

Ryougi Shiki by Ouichi (palette not fixed to character):

Sion Atlasia by 9:

White Len by 9:

Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum

Ai by Fervicante:

Nitro Battle Royale

Saber by Juke Kisaragi:


Grizela by Teaf:

Rucheca by Teaf:

Red Earth/Warzard

Valdoll by Doggiedoo:

Sailor Moon

Sailor Jupiter by Sakuraba:

Sailor Moon by Sakuraba:

Samurai Shodown


Mina Majikina by PriPri Man (NEW):

Mina Majikina by PriPri Man (OLD):

Nakoruru by Ainotenshi:

Street Fighter

Blair Dame by XCB:

Cammy White by Phantom of the Server finished:

Chun-li by Yaten Kou:

Ingrid by Shiroto:

Sakura Kasugano by Beximus:


Alice Margatroid by sai-jack (palette not fixed to character):

Alice Margatroid by Souki:

Cirno by Fruele (NEW):

Cirno by Fruele (OLD):

Flandre Scarlet by Kurogane:

Marisa Kirisame by Kohaku:

Mystia Lorelei by Minoo:

Nue Houjuu by Suneo:

Patchouli Knowledge by Kurogane:

Remilia Scarlet by Nachel:

Sanae Kochiya by RicePigeon: