Xenomic's Lair

This section is dedicated to each individual game in the series. To view a game data and for a download link for the game, please follow each of the individual sections. For the download link to the PC-98 games, click here to download them all. For more info on how to run the PC-98 games, see here.

Main Series - Pre Windows

The Highly Responsive to Prayers
The Story of Eastern Wonderland
Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream
Lotus Land Story
Mystic Square

Main Series - Windows

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Perfect Cherry Blossom

Immaterial and Missing Power

Imperishable Night

Phantasmagoria of Flower View

Shoot the Bullet

Mountain of Faith

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Subterranean Animism

Unidentified Fantastic Object


Double Spoilers

Great Fairy Wars

Ten Desires

Hopeless Masquerade

Double Dealing Character

Impossible Spell Card

Fan Games



New Super Marisa Land