Xenomic's Lair

All of my downloadable stuff will be featured here. Note that all of these are open-sourced, so long as you give credits! Also, I am looking for anyone willing to help on these projects! Contact is in the Read Me file at the very bottom of the page. Of note, click on the GIFs to be brought to the spritesheets. Use "Copy Image Location" by right-clicking the image and pasting it into the address bar to save it.


Athena Asamiya 2k by MMR:

Bonne Jenet by Fervicante:

Cammy White by Phantom of the Server:

Grizela by Teaf:

Ingrid by Shiroto:

Karin Kanzuki by Phantom of the Server:

Kunagi Tenrou by kayui uma:

Lilica Felchenerow by Ina:

Mai Shiranui (CvS2) by DivineWolf:

Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury Special) by Falchion22:

Mai Shiranui (CvS2) by H':

Marilyn Sue by Mikita:

Miyako Arima by Juke Kisaragi:

Momoko by Juke Kisaragi:

Morrigan Aensland by Thomas Hsieh:

Psylocke by Shinta

Pure by Gladiacloud & Beximus:

Rainbow Mika by Zero-Sennin:

Roll by Ibukah:

Roomi by Inverse

Scharlachrot by Aki:

Shantae by RoySquadRocks:

Tifa Lockhart by Yamakachi/Zero-Sennin

Tiki by UJI